Cervical treatment - functional mixed technique

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FULL NECK treatment the relief you were looking for

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Do you suffer from neck pain? this is the treatment for you.

The holistic treatment section takes place on a bed and involves a large part of the body.

The environment is made comfortable by the lights, music and essences.

The treatment begins with the preparation of the feet and the body, then moves on to the Reiki BALANCING and NECK treatment which is carried out through an energetic transmission with or without physical contact. The perceptible sensations are physical sensations of heat, small jolts or tingling, or vivid images, particularly in the points where the chakras are located, together with a feeling of deep relaxation. Through a particular procedure, the energy centers are re-tuned to each other and additional energy is transmitted on chakras 7, 6, 5, 4.

Reiki is a simple and effective technique for reducing stress, relaxation and restoring mental and physical health through the use of the so-called "universal energy" that is transmitted through the hands.

Learn more about the chakras

The next step consists in plantar manipulation by placing more attention on the cervical reflex areas, these are the processing steps:

Foot hydration with Shea butter

Foot joint heating

Manual reflexology treatment

Vibratory mechanical reflexology treatment

Relaxation of the joints and beating of the foot and leg.

The third step consists in the manual and vibratory treatment of the back between the skull and the shoulder, the legs and the feet.

The treatment takes place in Bari in the studio, at home or in the middle of nature on a hill overlooking the sea in the territory of Polignano a Mare.

At least one weekly session is recommended.

Duration about 120 '

WARNINGS: These treatments are not substitutes for medicine.

To avoid the risk of injury, consult your doctor before starting this exercise program. Particular attention should be paid to pregnant women

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